Children’s Home of Lubbock

Children’s Home of Lubbock is a community of volunteers, workers, and supporters that put efforts together to make life better for children who need to see that love and care exist in a world that has often been unfair and unjust. The Home has been a staple of the Lubbock community since 1954 and has served over 7,100 abused and neglected children throughout our history. We are fully licensed to complete home studies, counseling, and other processes necessary to complete adoptions for boys and girls in our care. Praised by licensure reviews as one of the best programs in Texas, the Home’s goal is to be a place of opportunity for children to heal from trauma and work towards a better future. Our mission is to manifest Christ through excellence in childcare.

On any given day, an average of 100 boys and girls are in care at the Children’s Home whether through cottages, foster homes, or independent living housing. These children come to the Home through the Department of Family Protective Services because of suspected neglect or abuse. While the court and biological families work through each case, the children are cared for by our staff and begin Sanctuary, a trauma-informed treatment program.

Children are served without regard to their race, religion, or national origin, and all childcare staff receive more than 50 hours of training each year. There are 9 cottages on campus that house children and their house parents.

Student Independent Living program participant receives car

There is also a special program for 18–21-year-olds who have aged out of foster care called ‘Student Independent Living.’ The program provides housing, an allowance, and helps them strive towards their future goals.

Children’s Home of Lubbock is a faith-based agency, and we believe God has been with us every step of the way as we have faced personal and legislative trials. We are blessed with a modern and debt-free group-care campus. As the Home continues to expand so do the needs of our children and community. Our hope is that every child we serve leaves knowing that Jesus loves them and will never forsake them.

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