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Cherokee Home for Children was founded in 1958 by a group of caring Christians who witnessed a great need to care for children of Mexican-descent who were overlooked by society and in need of a loving home. Today, we serve any child in need of a loving, structured family setting.

The blessings our children receive thanks to the many church and private donors are great and come at no cost to the families we serve. Many of our children experience sitting down for dinner around the dining room table as a family for the first time at Cherokee Home. Our children are cared for by a loving couple who are committed to imparting life skills, discipline and Christian values thru their day to day living in a traditional family home.

Our campus is on 55 acres in the beautiful rural setting of the Hill Country. Our new cottage homes house up to 32 youth. Recreation opportunities on campus are abundant. Our families are able to enjoy the gym, a coffee house, fire pit by the pond, walking trails, and even a rec center equipped with games, weight room, small theater, and a kitchen. Many of our children raise a hog to show in the county 4H stock show. Money made from the sale of their show animal goes directly into their scholarship fund.

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Our children have many opportunities for participation that may not have been in reach in the larger school districts where they once attended. Many of our children come to us a year or two academically behind their peers. The small, six man, school just down the road from campus works closely with us to make a plan to best serve the needs of our kids. With just ten to twelve students in each grade level, it is possible for the teachers and administration to focus a great deal of attention on each child- especially those in need of remediation. We are often able to help our kids reach grade level through our campus tutoring, consistent communication with the school, and support of parents within the first six months of being with us. Our students find themselves playing the sport of their choice, cheerleading, holding office in 4H and the National Honor Society.

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In recent years we have focused the need our graduating seniors have for support in their pursuit of a career. Our seniors move into our Transitional Home and learn many skills needed for adult life. Skills such as cooking, applying for a job, changing a flat tire, and many others are learned while in the Transitional Home. Senior youth find part time work their senior year and save enough to buy their first car thanks to matching funds made available by a generous donor. We are committed to helping our youth discover what is best for them after leaving the Home. We teach our children the necessity of further training and many choose college, trade schools, or the military. Whatever the path best suited for them may be, we will support them and have been blessed with the resources for them to get their training and graduate debt free. We continue to maintain a place for our graduates both in our hearts and on our campus as they pursue their training.

Our youth are provided a grand opportunity to not only succeed in family, community, and career but also to develop a faith through example that will sustain them eternally.

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