ACH Child and Family Services (ACH) is a Fort Worth, Texas-based nonprofit organization established in 1915 and dedicated to the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse, neglect, and family separation. With over a century of experience, ACH brings needed resources and skills to children and families struggling with life’s challenges.

ACH programs seek to protect children from abuse and neglect, helping them overcome these traumatic experiences when they do occur. Additionally, ACH provides adult caregivers with learning opportunities and support to improve their parenting skills, avoiding family separation whenever possible. While every family crisis is unique, financial instability, homelessness, family conflict, abuse and neglect are prominent and recurring problems and ACH programs are specifically designed to address these issues.

ACH prevention programs promise families access to short-term services that help children and families overcome their challenges, keeping their families together and the children safe from abuse and neglect.

ACH intervention and treatment programs are designed to promote or provide safe environments for children to overcome and heal from these tragedies, offering the skills development and resources necessary for children to lead healthy, productive lives.

Services offered include crisis intervention, family counseling and skill-building, traditional and treatment foster care for children with special needs, kinship services to help those caring for kin, adoption, transitional housing for families who have experienced domestic violence, supervised independent living services for young adults who are homeless or who are aging out of foster care, and residential group care including intensive residential treatment.

In 2014, ACH created the Our Community Our Kids (OCOK) division to pioneer an innovative, improved approach to foster care services in Texas. The improvements OCOK delivered in seven North Texas counties—including keeping abused and neglected children safe, quickly finding placements within their community and keeping siblings together more often—led to state law changing in 2017 to expand Community-Based Care.

ACH has been nationally accredited since 2003 by the Council on Accreditation and in 2018 Our Community Our Kids also became accredited.

Our vision is to be a leading agency in the communities we serve, so families thrive and children experience safety, hope and love.

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